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What To Buy Your Wanderlusty Loved Ones! Part Two

Alright! We are BACK for part two of our Wanderlusty Gift Guide!

Today, we’re covering everything from camera gear to travel insurance. We're also sharing our FAVORITE travel related gift we've ever received (head down to travel accessories for that!) Take a look and see if theres anything you, or your loved ones, might like!!

First, we are giving you some GEAR gift ideas. We don’t just travel for funsies, we also travel for work! And since we make videos for a living, that means we are always hauling gear. Funny thing is, even when we are traveling for fun - we’re still always hauling gear! What can we say? We love what we do! One thing we are really passionate about is showing people HOW accessible creating cool photos and videos can be - so here are some of our favorite pieces of equipment that will help you do just that!

Keep in mind - equipment can be expensive. But, its a great time to take advantage of these post Thanksgiving holiday sales! If you’re looking for even more of a bargain, look for gear on eBay, Facebook Marketplace or other sites that stock used equipment!

Gear Gift Guide:


- Sony A6500 $$$$

- iPhone 11

- Google Pixel 4

Gear Accessories:

They key to traveling well, is making sure you're prepared. Stuck with a phone that can't hold charge? Got you covered! Need a fun way to keep track of adventures? We have it! If you or a loved one just cant get enough of traveling, but want to be a little more savvy - these items should help!

Travel Accessories:

Handy Items:


- Travel Insurance (we use Travelex)

- Global Entry (our favorite travel gift we've ever received!)

Travel Momentos:

A good book never hurts, its one of our favorite ways to stay entertained while traveling AND to learn. Here are a few travel related books, plus a few of our favorites!


- So You Want to Vlog? - Andrea Valeria

- You Are a Badass - Jen Sincero

- Unleash Your Inner Money Babe - Kathrin Zenkina (Eric's Favorite - we're not joking!)

- Unshakeable - Tony Robbins

Have a budding content creator or creative biz owner on your hands? Heres a few things they might appreciate!

Creator Gifts:

Ok! That wraps up part two of our gift guide! We hope you liked it, and hopefully found a few things to gift to your favorite travel lovers! Or maybe to gift to yourself!

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