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Irvinture Zoom & Switch Pack 1 Cover Ima

This is our Zoom & Switch Transition Pack! It contains the 6 transitions below...

Irvinture Zoom In
Irvinture Zoom Out
Irvinture Switch Up
Irvinture Switch Down
Irvinture Switch Left
Irvinture Switch Right

You can purchase below on any device. The download link will then be sent to your email.


ONLY download the file on your computer, not on your mobile device. 

Once you download the Effect Preset file, go into Adobe Premiere Pro and head into your effects panel next to your project bin. Right-Click (or Control-Click) on the "Presets" folder and click "Import Presets". Then go choose the Irvinture Zoom & Switch Pack 1 and BOOM, those transitions will be in your Presets folder now!

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