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WHATSUP. It's Eric! 


I am a cinematographer, video editor, full time instagram husband and dog dad. In a past life, I was the lead singer of a rock and roll band, and you can usually catch me with my guitalele strapped to my camera bag. 


My absolute favorite thing is hot sauce. I drink it for breakfast. If you think I’m kidding…ask my wife!! I also love anything adventurous, hanging with my friends and family, and building our business. 


My fave flavor of ice cream is anything that tastes as close to a Reese cup as possible! 

Hey there! My name is Christina and I am a creative entrepreneur. My "job" is to strategize the creative vision on projects, our business and direct any shoots we're on. Sometimes I get behind the camera, too! 


I love being goofy, riding horses, hanging with my nearest and dearest, and learning about myself. I’m obsessed with Human Design, always working on personal growth and my favorite thing to do is support and encourage others.


My fave flavors of ice cream are Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy Chunky Monkey and Nadamoo mint chip! Thanks for asking! ;)

After a few years of feeling trapped by the "stick to a niche" mentality - we decided to stray from the pack and make a space where we could be our WHOLE selves, do whatever we wanted and share our unfiltered interests! 

In this space we hope to share everything from our travel chronicles and packing tips,to gear guides, video luts and photo presets. Video journals and tips on YouTube, heck - the possibilities are endless! What we do know is that we are always evolving as people and within our video production business, and are always pursuing our big, sometimes scary dreams.

Thanks for coming along for the ride...

over here it's all one great big irvinture!


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