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What To Buy Your Wanderlusty Loved Ones! Part One...

Hey friends!

With the holidays coming up we thought we’d put together a comprehensive gift guide for the people in your life filled with wanderlust!

There are PLENTY of suggestions here, both practical and fun!

First up - Luggage!

We’ve included everything from super fancy, highly rated stuff - to a more palatable investment. Christina has always been team cheap luggage, but after having so many pieces break after one or two uses, she’s now “team invest in good luggage!”

Also, if these prices are just not your style - know that you can find versions of nicer luggage brands like Delsey and Samsonite in stores like Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx etc.

Ok then! Without further adieu!

Luggage Gift Guide:

Brands we love:

- Away

Handy Items:

Our second category is…CLOTHES! Wrinkle free, sweat wicking and flexible clothes are key. We really focused more on travel day clothes here, and we are all about basics + comfort. You may see some of these suggestions and say, why so much wool? WELL, merino wool is one of the softest, and best material for travel and reuse. It's moisture wicking, doesn't retain odor and keeps you both cool and warm depending on the weather! Do we want to wear some of these things in Tennessee summer heat - I'm gonna say no. BUT these are some of our favorite staples for moderate temperature travel days!

Travel Clothing Gift Guide:




Next up - a favorite gift of ours to receive…GIFT CARDS! When in doubt, gift card it out. I think that gift cards can sometimes be seen as impersonal gifts BUT you can absolutely give a gift card with intention and purpose!

“I know you’re planning a big trip, so heres a ______ to help make sure you have the best time!”

“I really want you to be stress free on your trip, I know spending money can be stressful so heres a ________ to make sure you stay in vacation mode!”

Gift cards are the best! Here are some of our faves!

Last but not least - if you’re eager to get something for your friends or loved ones to do while they’re on their trip, here’s a few ideas!

Experiences: - Airbnb Experiences: You can book something local, or book something for a trip! There are tons of experiences to choose from!

- Purchase an excursion for their trip: Check local tour companies for the destinations and book a fun excursion you know they wouldn’t book otherwise!

- Trip Photoshoots: Book a session through Flytographer, or hire one of your favorite traveling photographers if you know they're going to be in the same place!

Alright! That wraps up part one of our Travel Inspired Gift Guide, stay tuned for part two tomorrow! It’s all about gear, travel accessories, books and more...

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