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Nothing Like Normandy

We are back in the US and cant even believe how quickly two months can go by! It seems like forever ago, and also yesterday, that we were driving through the French countryside in Normandy.

The Normandy portion of our trip was absolutely the most impactful part. Not only is it a stunning region, full of culture, delicious food and drink - but it represents freedom. On the beaches of Normandy, our world’s history changed.

While you’ll find history buffs all along the Norman countryside and coast, we feel it’s not talked about as much among younger travelers. We all know the importance of the Allied Landings on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, and as excited as we were to have the opportunity to learn, see and feel many things around WWII - we were equally as excited to discover the magic of Normandy outside of its heavy history.

Here was our rough itinerary for our three weeks in Normandy:

Our home base was Caen:

- 1 week spent locally without a car, working, catching up and exploring the local sites.

Week 2 & 3

- Pegasus Bridge, Omaha Beach & Point du Hoc

- American Cemetery

- Honfleur

- Etretat

- Route du Cidre

- Beuvron en Auge

- Rouen

- Camembert & Crevecouer

- Deauville & Trouville

- Mont Saint Michel

- Les Andelys

Planned adventures that we missed:

- Giverny

- Le Havre

- Other WWII Beaches + Museums

- Bayeux (only went there for a short afternoon - its huge and has tons to do!)

- Lisieux

- Cap de La Hague

- Black Cow Cliffs (Fossil hunting!)

In this series, we’re featuring a few of our favorite cities in individual posts and then rounding everything up with a big, detailed recap at the end!

Stay tuned for more - but first up…Caen!

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