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Getting Greecy!

In Fall of 2018 I told Eric - "next year I want to spend a month in Greece." The fact that he didn't look at me like I had 4 heads just reinforces the fact that he's the guy for me! Throughout the next few months, there were about 500 times where this did not seem like a possible reality. But we kept our dreams in sight and figured out how to make it work!

Though technically we were there for almost three weeks - not a whole month - we were still able to live out that dream in a way we never could have imagined.

We had the opportunity to participate in another Study Abroad Workshops for a week of this trip, and once again had the time of our lives. Between PRICELESS learning moments, forging incredible friendships, and expanding our creative community we absolutely loved our time growing and learning with incredible people.

We wrapped up our trip celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday when she and my Dad came to Santorini to meet up with us! Although we were missing a third of my immediate fam, we celebrated my mom with fun adventures, great food, and a LOT of Greek wine!

Our Itinerary went like this:

Athens - 1.5 days

Mykonos - 5 days

Santorini - 4 days

Paros - 3.5 days

Athens - 1 day

First up…Athens! This was our second time visiting Athens, so we'll do a quick update!

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