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Athens Update!

Hey there!

I've got a quick update post on Athens, Greece for you! Plus a little FREEBIE to go along with it!

Our second - and certainly not last - trip to Athens was a quick stopover on our way to the Cycladic islands. We stuck to exploring Plaka. With only one full day in the area, going outside of the historical district didn’t seem necessary. Plus we were with some travelers who had never been, so sticking close by to the major attractions made sense!

We flew in MEGA early - it was still dark out by the time we got in our car transport. It wasn't a bad break though, as we drove down the street towards Monastiraki square the sun started rising and the Acropolis came into view. Quite a sight to see, even in our sleep deprived delirium.

Our AirBnB hosts said we could put our luggage in lockers near Monastiraki, but even that wasn't open yet. We strolled through the square to get a closer look at a few things (read: I abandoned the group and started skipping with my luggage towards the Acropolis and everyone had to follow me because I was TOO excited.)

It only took a few minutes to realize that it would be miserable to try and keep track of our belongings, and we couldn't check into our AirBnB until the afternoon. We needed to come up with a game plan. I did a quick google search and discovered a few services that find hotels nearby to store your luggage for a small fee! We used LuggaGeo, though there are several other options including BagBnB. Some places even allow you to use a shower and other amenities for a small fee. I think each of us paid 5 euro per bag, not bad!

After dropping off our luggage and cleaning up, we stalked the Brunch Factory until it opened at 7:00AM. We filled our bellies, got some much needed caffeine and then decided to make the climb to the Acropolis. Getting an early start, around 8:30AM was great. There weren't as many people (though in Peak Season, there were still plenty of people) and the heat and sun wasn't at crazy strong yet.

I spent the day being a fake tour guide to our friends and essentially telling them lies 98% of the time (I made several disclaimers and told them to fact check, though...) Once we were able to check into the AirBnB, we showered, napped (usually a big no-no for international travel but WE HAD TO) and got ready for a sunset drinks on a rooftop back at A for Athens across from Monastiraki square!

What you do entirely depends on how long you stay. Eric and I have been twice, but only for quick trips. Athens is massive: there is nightlife, beaches, historical sights. Endless opportunities for so many different kinds of fun! If you’re in Athens for a quick stopover and just want to hit the historical highlights - do it. If you want to dig in a little deeper and get to know Athens as the expansive, intricate city that is - stay a little longer and get plugged in with locals through tours and AirBnB experiences. We have yet to do the latter, but look forward to that adventure!!

Rooftops in Athens are the JAM and there are so so many to choose from! I put my favorites, as well as hotel recommendations, money exchange tips and more in this free PDF guide to Athens! The guide also includes tips on transportation, ferry ports, the best sunset spots, money, and more!

Top 5:

- The Brunch Factory - So nice (and easy) we went there twice! Dairy free friendly for coffees! Plus, it's right off of Monastiaki square. It's not traditional Greek food, but it is delicious.

- Coco-Mat BC hotel - HOLY smokes, can you say pillow menu? It's in the perfect location right under the Acropolis, and absolutely worth a stay. Coco-Mat is actually a company that makes hand-made mattresses out of natural materials. They have a really cool philosophy and brand that is worth checking out.

- Plaka district & historical sites

- Monstraiki Flea Market

Eric's Fave: Rooftop views!!

Christina's Fave: It's still the Ancient just so cool. If you want a full understanding of what purposes the Agora served, take a tour!

For more tips to an adventure in Athens, Greece - download this free PDF guide!

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