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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

The walled city, made ultra-famous by the hit TV show Game of Thrones, is SO much more than what is seen on screen. There's truly nothing like this place. I’m the kind of person who thrives on locational magic - being somewhere that I can just feel the history, the emotions and the beauty surge through my body. Dubrovnik has that 10 times over.

We took a private walking tour, dined al fresco in the old city, climbed THROUGH the wall for a cocktail and wandered around the gardens and halls of a stunning old monastery.

There was SO much to discover, and that's just within the walls!

A 15 minute ferry took us to the island of Lokrum, where we hiked among peacocks up to a Napoleonic fort, and floated in the salty Adriatic water - either in the sea or in a salt lake. We ventured to the new city port for a sailboat tour of the Elafiti islands and were gifted a beautiful, laid back cultural experience. Just outside Old City, we strolled through beautiful gardens, visited Fort Lovrijenac (aka the Red Keep), and took a gondola ride up above the city for a stunning panoramic view. Trust us, it's worth exploring beyond the wall.

We stayed just outside the Old City in the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik hotel (amazing breakfast!), but could walk in every day - and we did. Walking through the Pile Gate sent shivers down my spine! If you're a Game of Thrones fan like we are (though in 2015, I hadn't even seen the show yet!!) there are tons of sites to see, and no you don't need to take a tour to see them! While a few are a drive away, a simple google search will provide directions on how to find many #GOT specific sites. We actually stumbled on several of theses sites by accident!

Top 5 of the Trip:

- private tour of the Old City

- Lokrum Hike

- Walking the Old City Wall

- Elafiti Island tour

Eric's Fave: Lokrum Hike

Christina's Fave: Sailboat tour around the Elafiti Islands

PS. try the fish stew!

Stay tuned for the next city...Hvar!

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