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Hvar, Croatia

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

With a total of two nights in Hvar, we had to decide how we wanted to balance adventure and relaxation. To make things even more exciting, it was my 24th birthday!

Despite our limited time in Hvar, we still found time to take private tour through town where we got to spend time in a convent known for making lace out of Agave fiber, two INCREDIBLE dinners, an afternoon at a Spa and relaxation time at our magnificent hotel - the Amfora Grand Beach Resort. If you never wanted to leave the grounds of the hotel, you wouldn't have to. The amenities were out of this world. Since we were there for a short time, we didn't get to utilize them all but - man, we could've have a lot of fun there! There's a beach, sea-side cabanas, a gorgeous pool, a delicious restaurant, and so much more.

What we missed: Apparently, one of the oldest known living olive trees in the world is on Hvar. I wanted to go visit it but will have to make a special trip next time! You can also do olive oil and wine tours on the island. Outside of a beach bar on the other side of the Island - which we highly recommend, we only visited Hvar town. Next time we would love to explore more! Also hitting up Bonj 'les bains' Beach Club next time for sure!

Top 5:

- Giaxa Restaurant (Holy smokes. Gorgeous setting, incredible food. Save your coins so you can indulge guilt free!)

- The Adriana Spa - Perfect birthday treat!

- Benadictine Convent

Eric's Fave: Walking through the windy streets of old town

Christina's Fave: the Cuttlefish Rissoto at Gariful!

Next up...Split!

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