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Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Hey there! Thanks for coming over!

We are Christina and Eric Irvin, and we are so glad you're here.

photo by Kristin Sweeting

A few years back we took a big leap and started our own video production business - One Eyed Pop. While Eric worked on that full time for a year, Christina kept a 9-5 until we felt ready enough for her to join. (life tip: you never feel ready!) She took that leap in February of 2018 and things have only grown since then!

Over the past year, our ideas and creative desires have really begun to expand and we didn't have a place for them all. We felt too "niched" to blog about travel on our OEP website.We started to think about sharing our insight with other creative entrepreneurs and weren't sure just how to do it, and we also wanted to make silly videos like this one, just for fun.

So we decided to build a place where we could be our WHOLE selves.

Where we could write about our Iceland Camper Van adventure, and post this epic Portugal travel video, as well as host a YouTube channel to give you all kinds of content - including tips and tricks for becoming a video expert.

You'll get to see us learn new things, travel to new places, make all kinds of crazy videos and chronicle our thoughts on our blog.

We're really excited about this space, especially because the possibilities of how it can grow are endless!

Buckle up, cause this is gonna be one heck of an #irvinture.

- Christina and Eric

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