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Creating Content while Traveling: Plan it Out

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

As travel obsessed video professionals, we thought it’s only natural for us to create a series about creating content while traveling. 

We’ve learned a good bit over the years - both from good and bad experiences - and wanted to share our best practices. There’s been times when we brought wayyyy too much stuff, and times where we wish we had brought more. We’ve got bag tips, shot tips, gear tips - all of which will be covered in this series. 

In the first few blogs were going to cover content creation - from planning and location scouting, to easy b-roll and editing. 

Step One: Plan It Out (at least a little)

If you are creating content while on the go, you want to make sure that a) not only are you making it as easy for yourselves as possible, but b) you have an idea of the content you’re going to create when you get there. Sometimes your vision changes once you capture an inspiring shot that you weren’t planning - but having some semblance of a creative vision is important.

For example: if you know you’re going to be around some incredible architecture make a point of researching what kind of landmarks are major identifiers for the city as well as some other cultural identifiers.

Google map some of your favorites and create a little video-venture for yourself. You’ll know exactly where you’re going and what to look for but give yourself room to get a little lost and find some hidden gems, as well!

Don't be shy to use instagram location tags, and follow some accounts and hashtags to get inspo and see what the locations actually look like! 

If you want to take your planning one step further, storyboard! This is helpful - if not necessary - if you’re getting paid to create content, but can also be key if you get overwhelmed easily and want a more structured plan when you’re out and about.

Eric and I typically halfsies-storyboard. We don’t build things out completely but we do have a strong idea of an outline as well as an idea on how we want the videos to move. I use my notes app to keep track of what shots I want and add any specific locations if I have them! 

If you plan on visiting the #1 spot from a “top sites to see in Porto” article, do some research to see what times of day it’s busiest. Sometimes Google will be able to give you an idea! Plan to shoot it on a day where you can give yourself a time buffer so you can wait out the crowds and get the best shot. On top of other variables such as weather and travel schedules going awry - give yourself ample time  to capture the content you want and need.

Don’t be afraid to get up early and beat other travelers to more known spots, just be sure to check on opening times for things like national parks, monuments etc.

And if you're just trying to capture the spirit of your trip for prosperity, just have a plan on for the moments you know you want to capture. Do you want to get footage of that pasta making class you're taking with your family in Italy? Etc. Its helpful to at least have an idea of your MUSTs, so that you don't end your trip scratching your head wondering why you don't have the footage you wanted! 


- Make it easy on yourself! Know what you need and what level of planning you require to feel at ease.

- Research the area to plan shots according to what you want and need.  Factor in what kind of transportation will get you there and how long it will take.

- Take yourself on a video venture - google map your route between your shots so you don’t backtrack a million times. 

- Allow for on-the-go unexpected inspiration. Some of the best b-roll shots are from some of the most overlooked experiences. More on easy b-roll here. 

-Don’t expect to show up at noon to the most popular site and get a clear shot as soon as you roll up. Either come with patience or be prepared to get up early!

- At the very least, know what parts of your trip you want to capture! Special tours, classes etc. 

Eric’s Fave: Google mapping!

Christina’s Fave: Instagram location stalking!

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