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Creating Content While Traveling: Easy B-Roll

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Step Two: Easy B-Roll 

Our second post in the #CCWT series, is all about creating easy b-roll!

We like to think of b-roll as the different seasonings that come together to create an unforgettable dish. You want to create depth and a diverse flavor profile to get that 5 star taste. (Did I take this analogy too far?)

Well, here are our favorite tips.

It’s smart to always have your camera with you (and extra batteries!) when you’re traveling. You’ll never know when and where you might find some great content. Maybe there’s a classic car parked in front of an old train station, a musician playing on the bank of a river, or a hidden beach with some amazing views.Try to be ready to shoot at all times, so that when you see great content you can capture it.

Don’t be afraid to play! We love to play with height by flipping our camera on our glide cam, or ziyoun crane, to go down low. Mess with frame rate, angles, shadows, and light when you're shooting too. Try getting some shots through something - like a gate or a tree. Follow things! We love to get shots of feet, bike wheels, puppy paws - anything that moves. We personally like our shots not to be perfectly still - meaning, we shoot handheld a lot and aren't always worried about getting a crazy still or smooth shot, swing, pan or push.

If you think about it - a lot of times, smoothness pairs with elegance. If you're filming a something elegant and luxurious - you might want to smooth out your shots. If you're shooting something experiential - a little jostle here and there will only bring people further into the experience. If a client or project calls for a super smooth look, of course we'll prioritize those needs. At the end of the day, the kind of shots you get should reflect the purpose of the project - so always keep that in mind.

If you’re trying to capture the “vibe” of a place - don’t overlook the actual “vibe” of the place in a quest for epic-ness. Look for everyday features and have fun trying to make them stand out. Maybe shooting them simply is the answer. If you’re looking to create an experiential piece, incorporating bits of everyday life translates really well. Sometimes a simple but stunning shot of rain through a window can create enough emotion to bring you back to the exact cafe you waited out the storm in. Creative use of more “mundane” footage can be the difference between good and great!

Explore outside what you find online. Follow your feet and find unexpected treasures! 

Don’t feel the need to recreate what you see on the gram, or pinterest. Use it as inspiration and make it your own. 


- Always be prepared, be ready to shoot wherever you are, and always bring extra batteries! - Get adventurous. Play with settings, height, and depth.

- Go handheld! Or don't. Shot style should reflect the purpose of the project, but don't be afraid of some jostles here and there.

- Don't overlook the obvious. Some of our favorite shots are of the most normal, everyday things.

- It's easy to get overwhelmed trying to get the PERFECT shot - loosen up and get creative.

- Don't try to recreate things - use it as inspiration but put your personal flair and style in there, too.

- Follow your feet - discover new things!

Eric's Fave: Know your project but don't be afraid to experiment with your shots!

Christina's Fave: Making ordinary things look extraordinary just by shooting creatively!

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