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Copenhagen, Denmark

After landing in Denmark from a morning flight out of Vienna the day AFTER Christmas, we were all pretty tired. We checked into our hotel - Axel Guldsmeden in Vesterbro and came up with a plan.

Copenhagen is full of amazing food, drinks, and sights. Its hard to fit it all into just a few days but we did pretty good job!

We made it to Tivoli Gardens on our first evening, where we had some of the best Gluhwein (and Frites!) of the trip! And this says a lot, by the time we made it to Copenhagen I was a bit of a potato expert. Is Tivoli a tourist attraction, yes. Is it fun? Yes. Especially if you’re up for hitting some rollercoasters (which I ALWAYS am.) As the second oldest amusement park in the world, it's a pretty neat place. And at Christmas, the whole park is decked out in gorgeous lights!

By the end of our four days we had successfully toured Indre By (Cophenhagen's bustling city center), hiked up Rundetaarn (the Round Tower) for an epic view of the city, marveled at the Crown Jewels in Rosenborg Castle, waved at the little mermaid statue, marched through Kastellat, grabbed some pub grub in Nyhavn, flowed through Christina Freetown, and much more.

I think my favorite part of Copenhagen though was a little canal barge turned pub that my brother found while we were walking around across the bridge in Christianshavn. We sat for hours drinking Gluhwein, playing cards, and eating snacks. We thought about leaving a few times but decided we were just having too much fun! The bar is open-air in the summer, but they put a temporary roof on it for the winter and turn it into a cozy, floating, Christmas-time oasis.

Top 5: - Nyhavn, even in the winter the colors are striking and the restaurants are quaint and delicious! Plus we used flytographer to get some family photos with the iconic colors of Copenhagen.

- Rosenborg Castle - I really like castles though, so...strong bias

- Round Tower - the view from the top is worth the climb!

- Tivoli - is this a tourist attraction, yes. Is it fun? yes. especially if you’re up for hitting some rollercoasters (which I ALWAYS am).

- Canal Bar!

Eric's Fave: Canal Bar!

Christina's fave: Rosenborg Castle and the Canal bar!

Next up: Iceland!

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