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A Party in Portugal

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

In October of 2018, before I was working full time for our company we committed to something that scared us.

We invested a chunk of change in an opportunity to travel and learn from other creative entrepreneurs - in Portugal.

In February, I got flight notifications for crazy cheap PEAK SEASON flights to Portugal. To get the best deal - we booked our tickets 3 weeks apart. So in one fell swoop, we made big waves in the investment in ourselves, as well as made a massive travel dream of mine come true. To go to Europe in the summer for multiple weeks!

Not only was it more time than we've ever spent on a trip (outside of May-mesters in college), it was a lot more money than we've ever spent on ourselves. It was terrifying.

But we did it and it was freaking magical.

Our Itinerary was:

3 days in Porto

10 days in Lisbon

3 days in Lagos

2 days in Lisbon

Every city was a new adventure, and we absolutely loved every minute. Even the days where we trekked around in a record heat wave!

First city feature: Porto

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