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A Christmas Vacation

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Christmas 2018 - a trip to remember for sure. Some of our best family friends had been living in Vienna, Austria for several years and we wanted to visit them before their next adventure began. We waited ALMOST as long as we could to go - but we made it!

Not only had we waited a long time to hop over and see our friends, but we also waited a long time to book tickets. Since my whole family was going, Eric and I decided to save money where we could and fly into Budapest for a day - the flights were several hundred dollars cheaper, and it’s only a four hour bus ride to Vienna!

Eric and I had also decided we wanted to celebrate the New Year overseas. We both wanted to start the new year off rested and ready to go. After dreaming of going to Iceland for almost 10 years, miracles happened and everything lined up for us to be able to make a 5 day pit stop in Iceland on our way back to the states.

Our Itinerary went as such:

36 hours in Budapest

4 days in Vienna

3 days in Copenhagen

5 days in Iceland

SOMEHOW it all worked out beautifully. The only minor hiccups were some layover issues my family had on the way back. Coordinating 6 people's schedules, finding things that everyone likes to do, places where everyone can eat (this bish is high maintenance!) provided lots off opportunity for chaos - but we did it! And it was awesome.

First up: Budapest

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