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Mindset...Say What?

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Hey friends!

We’ve mentioned magic mindset on our home page, so we should probably live up to that type of commitment and write about it, what do you think?

In future posts, we’ll dive into more specific examples of how we utilize and shape our mindset to allow for growth, manifestation, peace, and all kinds of goodness. Maybe we’ll even chat about it on our vlog!

But first, we wanted to give an intro on what the heck we’re even talking about.

You may not be a stranger to the word manifest, but if you were like me a few years ago I would think you’re talking about the list of passengers on a plane.

We’re not here to teach you how to “bring in a 7 figure salary by using your thoughts” we’ll leave the woo pros to that. What we do want to share is the power of your thoughts and how they can shift everything in your life.

Another word that you could sub out mindset if it’s too out there for you is - perspective. We are big, big, big on keeping a broad and positive perspective.

That doesn’t mean we’re out here chirping every morning, bouncing out of our beds and bursting into song…I mean, we’re human. We have bad days, too.

We just choose to avoid a LACK mentality #buzzword and keep an abundant one. This means we’re constantly practicing turning our frown upside down - not by finding a silver lining and ignoring the work that needs to be done - but by sitting, listening, leaning into our intuition and growing from our experiences. Typically a silver lining IS found, but only after reflection, processing our emotions, and deconditioning.

We look at everything as an opportunity to grow, something we NEED to go through on the path to becoming the people we need to be. The good and the bad.

We get that this isn’t for everyone, but it’s something that has played a key role in allowing us to create a reality bigger than our dreams.

We’re really excited to share some insight, tips, and hopefully resources on mastering your mindset in the future. It is a tool that has become absolutely pivotal in living and loving our life.

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